‘The Lifting the Veil Project’ was started in 2013 to highlight issues that affect South Asian women.

Currently there is considerable media interest in the statistics of domestic and sexual violence, forced marriages and female genital mutilation, which commonly affect South Asian communities. However there are a wide spectrum of issues which affect South Asian women; women from all backgrounds are expected to marry by a specific age; there remain heavy restrictions on the social background of men that we can and cannot marry; female sexuality, homosexuality and trans-gender are still taboo subjects; and women are still held to harsher standards than men, both before and after marriage.

South Asian nations are in a state of change, and the empowerment of women is high on national agendas. ‘The Lifting the Veil Project’ wants to explore the rate of change in South Asian communities all over the world, and understand how traditional and modern cultures overlap in the 21st Century.

‘The Lifting the Veil Project’ aims to provide a forum for South Asian women to share their experiences, particularly those which may be hidden. We offer all of our contributors the right to remain anonymous. Through the Project, we aim to start an honest dialogue about the many issues which affect South Asian women, who wrestle with a multitude of cultural expectations, in addition to those who suffer horrendous violence and abuse. Most importantly, we hope that it will help South Asian men and women to be encouraged to speak out about common and hidden problems within our societies.

(Header photo credit: insane_capture from Bangladesh, who has given permission for it to be re-used by ‘The Lifting the Veil Project’)


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