Listen boy

This poem is by Amna Germanotta Riaz on sexism in South Asian communities.


Listen boy
How much are you worth?
Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we

You were conceived due to an honour practice

Just take that seat will you, take this

Two elders shook hands, on a deal so sour
It’ll make you vomit with so much power
To a stranger, though later became a someone
She gave up her crown jewel and not for fun
So very her own, but yet not her own
Policed by SS guards without uniform
Policed by the devious eyes in society
Then off she trot – was trot quietly
To a foreign land afar
Scared of fascists, unaware she’s bringing up one right now

You ungrateful vermin
Stop selling your weed and got my streets

Don’t swagger fool, creeping at night
Yet thinking, knowing, your sister’s guarding her surprise right tight
While you smear slut, slags and whores
Like pus that pours, your lacking talents ooze vileness galore

Stop marching her to a virgin test
Don’t then look at her in detest
When she fails, and you move her along
‘Who’s next, no females who are strong’
You called that white girl a slag
Because she’s chained under a different tag
Of patriarchy
You call for women, waiting smartly
For a CV that says ‘untouched’
Despite the fact that the smell lingers off someone you fucked
If you want ‘purity’, find it in yourself first
It’s hard to find isn’t it? While she’s felt cursed
By the temper you smite with your tongue
She’s made worthless; by words she’s stung

Just remember fool, how much are you worth?
How much purity lingers in you?
How much, is quantity, abundance, numbers
There’s none in you, fool you are worthless
Go take your chauvinism, fill it in a bag and set it alight
You’ll have fire in your cave


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