Growing up brown in a white man’s world

by Amna Germanotta Riaz

Growing up Brown in a White man’s world

Growing up Brown in a White man’s world
The anxieties of growing up
Never went away
Demanding to be recognised
Demanding something, just something
Waiting in a line to demand

Strings get played by the all mighty puppet master
How crippled you are by his power
Yet you can do nothing
You can do nothing
And nothing is all you do

Standing on an edge of nothingness
You are waiting for something to push you
Towards dreams you’ve stopped dreaming about
Dreams that are no longer dreams, and never reality
But dreams that have become darkened
By the darkness of reality that is life
Darkened by ages of privilege and robbery
Just darkened

Your wet pillow cases
Soaked from the pain of night
Soaked with angry frustration
Frustration drained into the rich seams soaking cotton
Dry in the mornings, eventually

So all things been said
We still want to declare
Stop trying to save us!
We don’t need a saviour
Stop pretending to save us
We need to be saved from you
Not by you

Amna Germanotta Riaz is a writer and poet, who blogs at: This poem was reposted with the author’s permission.